Doodle 1

When the wind is too strong and throws me off balance

You are always ready to catch me 

When I cry myself to sleep and feel like my life is over

You stay with me and dry my tears

When I’m angry at the world and scream bloody murder

You stay behind me and let me release it all

This may sound grim but it is a thank you

For being with me all these years.

You don’t hover around me, you let me shine

You silently support me and lend your hand from time to time

You don’t wait for me to fall, you sweep me off my feet

You may not always hear it, but I appreciate

everything you have done for me.

There is a line between us that we dare not cross

Not even a tippy toe out of line, our place, we will always know

Others may not understand, they judge, they berate, they point fingers

We know who and what we are, and that is all that matters.

Published by iamkristiannej

I want to live but I'm too afraid to take the leap.

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