I Guess Not.

Let’s stop pretending
There’s no use holding on
Everything was a lie to begin with
It’s not worth crying for
I’m not a fan of make-believe
You’re not fond of honesty
We’re walking down two opposite directions
There’s no chance we’ll ever meet along the road

I say why let this go on,
There’s nothing left fighting for
The love, the respect, there is nothing to grasp
Why make a complete fool of ourselves?
After all the pain, the tears, the mess
All the questions have been finally answered
You ask, where is the love? Why did it leave?
See love never left since it never really was here.

Do we really need to find someone to take the blame?
We chose to deceive and not face the truth
Are we supposed to feel better by pointing fingers?
Are we supposed to hurt, drag down and make each other pay?
Do I have to make you suffer?
DO I have to kneel before you and plead?
Do we have to harbor hate forever?
Can’t we just part ways, Can’t we just stop?
Judging by the state of my heart…I guess not.

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