A Miracle

I live my life not knowing if I could get through a single day
I’ve never felt so helpless,
It seems to be that I have no one to help me through
my heart is in chains, so blue.
I wonder if you feel the same way too.

“Gotta be strong” says my mind
I hope that I would listen and let go
I know that it’s not meant to be
a wish, a prayer would never make you love me too
or say that I belong to you
Facing reality just hurts all through

I need a miracle to touch you for me
I keep holding on coz’ I’ve fallen too deep
Love is miracle and it’s all over me
God please, I need You to hear me.

I see you almost everyday hoping that somehow you’ll wait for me
When I look straight in your eyes it’s gets to me
and still I feel there’s no way out, there must be a way, but how?
Still it doesn’t change that you’re too far away.

They say there’s no harm in dreaming
it wouldn’t cost you anything, it’s fee
Now I believe they’re lying coz’ dreaming opened the door
for me to feel this pain, making me go insane
Fighting it all but still i cannot win

I have failed a million times
but I can’t seem to figure out if I can fail this time
Please…make it happen I’m on my knees
I’ve given up my everything, all I need…

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