I don’t think I like you.

I dreamed of you
Why do I dream of you?
I don’t think of you
I’m not even into you
At least, I don’t think so.

I dream of you
Every night I see you
Your eyes bright, looking at me
Your smile sweetly getting through me

I like you in my dream
You make me feel alive, I cannot deny
I don’t want to be with you
At least I don’t think I do

Why am I confused?
If I don’t like you
Why do I look forward to sleeping?
Why do I not want to wake up?
Why do I want to feel your touch?

I really don’t think I like you
At least because I know
in reality it is impossible
because to you I am not even a friend
but an authority you respect
So I’ll like you
when I dream of you.

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