It takes one to know one
Just because you said so
you think I’d back down
Well guess what It won’t happen
I will stand my ground

You pose like a queen
But you’re a wannabe
You pretend to be a friend
A knife tucked behind hidden
I was too naive to see
too afraid to admit
I’ve had enough
now I’m calling your bluff

Stupid bitch the game is on
I’m no pushover
You don’t know what’s coming
I’m ready to strike
I’m over your pretences
The bullshit is done, gone, bye.

You suck out the hope in me
You messed me up bad
I was in denial of your plan
I truly believed you’re extending your hand

I’ve learned my lesson now
Blinders are off, I’m free at last
I won’t let you win over me
Bitch I’m boss, whatcha gonna do now?

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