Late night ramblings

It hard to breathe,
each day that passes by I’m losing sleep
I break bit by bit,
a piece of me slowly dying
My heart is beating steadily
without love, without passion, it barely lives
How do I love myself? Please tell me.
How do I go on living, hoping?
How do I encourage my heart?
How do I feed my starving soul?

I try and try but in the end I concede
Friends tell me I should fight with all my might
My family worries for me incessantly
I try to listen but I don’t see myself succeeding
I cry alone when night falls
While everyone’s in deep slumber
I plead to myself to hold on
I tell myself that I am strong
That I could face anything head on

The world sees me and they think I am bold
Little do they know I’m drowning inside,
I barely have the strength to push on
I close the door, I trapped myself in
No one can tell, I can pretend well
Will anyone see? Will anyone notice?
Let’s hope when someone finally does,
It’s not too late for my heart and soul.

Published by iamkristiannej

I want to live but I'm too afraid to take the leap.

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