If I bid you goodbye
If I tell you it’s over
If I pack my bags and leave
Would you miss me
Would you try to stop me?

I belong to you
I want what’s best for you
My life revolves around you
Did you notice?
Do you care?

The answer is clear
There was never a promise ring
We never pledged for forever
I chose to live in the shadows
I made myself believe
You need my light to see
You didn’t need me at all
I’m just a friend that’s all
You could see in the darkness
You shine bright alone

If you choose to love someone
If you find the right one
If you give your heart to her
I will fall apart

It’s not your fault at all
I gave away my all
You never asked for more
It was I who wanted to be your heart and soul
become a perfect whole
win, lose or draw
It was I.  It is all me.

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