Fighter. Til the end.

They say I’m way past my prime
I’m on my way down
I’ve lived most of my life
But I strongly disagree
because I’m just getting started

I am filled with experience
Life has knocked me down countless times
I cried, I suffered, I doubted myself
but I held on, I stood tall

I will fight until the end
I won’t let negativity stop me
I am able, though I might stumble
I will rise up, no matter how many times I fall
I am made up of more than what you could ever imagine
I am a fighter, I know things may get tougher
People will talk, they will pull you down
but I am me, I am strong, I believe

Being great takes work and patience
people get scared of change
I won’t let my talents go to waste
I have heart and I will pick up the pace
I won’t let anything cloud my judgement
I’ll take every step no matter how long it may take me
Tears and sweat will bring me closer
I will push, I will stand tall

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