I love you anyway.

Is it possible to break someone’s heart
when it’s already shattered into pieces?
I never thought it could happen
like a festering wound re-infected
The pieces are scattered on the floor
I lost hope of mending it
Healing is far beyond my reach
I made peace with this reality
then all of sudden, you appear.

Your heart it gold, your intentions pure
You’ll never hurt a soul, it’s not who you are
You gave me temporary joy
in what seems like a lifetime of sorrow
But time will surely catch up
and I will be torn apart again
I want to avoid the pain
I know where it will lead
But one look at you and I know it’s futile to resist

So yes, I will be broken again
I’ll suffer the same fate
It will feel worse than death
A never ending punishment
Yet here I am, loving you anyway.

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