The same hole.

How do you stop falling? How do you tell your heart to not feel?
The road down is steep and dark. There is no way out; I cannot turn back.

I just met you some days ago
back when I was trapped and in love with someone else.
He did not love me back but I stayed…it hurt but I stayed.

Then you came along, unexpectedly making me smile.
I slowly rose out of the trap I was in.
I started longing to see you, talk to you, I got to know you,
I started feeling bliss when I am with you.
Suddenly I stopped — wasn’t I in this before?
Falling in love with someone who won’t.

I tried to push it away yet I find myself waiting on you.
I’m way past my prime, you won’t see me the way I see you.
Do I stay in this hole I dug this time?
Or do I stop while I still can, while my heart has yet ripped to shreds.

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