Dreams and Fears

People have dreams and they want them all fulfilled
They live within secret realms, so gifted, so surreal;
A place only they can claim to own .

Humans have secret wishes;
Desires for themselves and the ones they love.
Happiness, wealth, the world at the palm of their hands.

People have fears and they want them all banished;
They protect their hearts from breaking —
Something so dreadful, so uninvited.

Everyone feels pain;
from someone, from somewhere, for sometime–
distance, misfortune, their world falling apart.

I have a dream burning inside of me
It’s been awake for years, it’s getting stronger and firm
I have a rare gift, soothing, melodic, sincere and pure
My dream showers me with power
making me express, keeping me up, keeping me sane.

I am afraid, a blinding fear taking a toll on me
It darkens my spirit, it haunts my sleep
I am vulnerable, I am weak
Low, scattered, pierced and wounded deep.

My fear makes me hold back
making me numb, making me tremble — imprisoning me.
I have been dreaming in fear
Terrified that my dream will soon burn me.

I feel so hopeless, I feel alone
with nowhere to go and no one to believe me.
I am trapped inside my broken heart and am therefore
A dreamer, whose fear is to live and die
inside her dreams, alone.

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