My Redeemer

I stand alone;
my feet unsteady on the ground
I feel lost;
my mind thinking there’s no hope, I’m bound
I did not see, I ignored the signs
If I opened my eyes and my heart
His steadfast love is all around

He will save me
He will lift me up
My faith brings me closer
To the great Redeemer
He’s my armor
He’s my shield
His grace and love is home.
I am safe with the great Redeemer.

He’s omnipresent;
His power never failing to touch me
My sins forgiven
His mercy is abounding just believe
He is glorious, He is salvation
His arms are wide open, He gives me strength and warmth

I am saved
I am lifted up
My faith brings me closer
to the great Redeemer
I am armed
I am shielded
He saved me, He’s the great Redeemer

When the world is dark
Where love is scarce
Reach out your hand
He will answer

For He will save you
He’ll lift you up
Faith is the way to the Great Redeemer
He will arm you
He will shield you
His love surrounds you, the Great Redeemer

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