Updates, Updates

Yes, yes, despite my lack of posts, I am still alive. Life has been surprisingly good during my absence. I was finally able to transfer to a new hospital, and so far it has been good. Of course there will always be co-workers who love to start drama, but I promised myself that I wouldContinue reading “Updates, Updates”


I have been neglecting the blog, I know. It’s not because I have nothing in my mind, but more because I don’t have the time to actually sit and post something that’s actually worth it. Life hasn’t been giving me a break. With that being said, I’ll try to post more often from now on.

Happy 36th to me!!!

Wow.  I am old. I did not celebrate my birthday yet.  I’m going to celebrate it on Friday when I can sleep late the day after.  Nothing big, just dinner with my roomie.  His birthday is 3 days from mine so we always celebrate it as one. This particular birthday is significant for me becauseContinue reading “Happy 36th to me!!!”