Backstreet withdrawal?!

So tickets for Nick Carter’s tour were on sale yesterday.  The tickets aren’t pricey but for some reason I just did not feel like buying.  I don’t understand it either.  I mean hands down, Nick is my favorite BSB.  Maybe it’s because I ‘m a fan of the group?  The truth is I don’t really listen much to Nick’s solo material.  After Now or Never I didn’t buy or listen to the ones that came after the first album.  I liked Now or Never, not as much as I thought I would but it wasn’t a complete and utter crap of an album.  Maybe it’s me getting older?

Anyway, even though I don’t feel like following his solo career I have been watching his journey on DWTS and I’m really hoping he wins.  The judges are pro-Bindi at this point but I think that Nick has a chance.

I got accepted at the singing contest I auditioned for — now I have to sing at the preliminaries on December 6.  EXCITED!



Bull_Fighting-posterCURRENTLY WATCHING:  Bull Fighting (Dou Niu, Yao Bu Yao?) starring the gorgeous Mike He, Hebe Tian and Lee Wei.  This is actually an old Taiwanese series (2007) that I watched well, because of Mike He.  This is a story about basketball, family ties, friendshop and love.  It also stars Godfrey Gao of Mortal Instruments:  City of Bones so the hotness is well supplied!  I love how the story is integrated with street basketball and I absolutely LOVE the way Mike He plays ball!  I also love the OST of this series.

CURRENTLY EATING:  Shopsy’s All Beef Quarter Pounder Hot Dog.  I did not feel like cooking anything and i know that processed meats are supposed to cause cancer and shit.  I’m just not up to chopping, boiling, braising, sauteing and all that shit today.

thumb_600CURRENTLY CRAVING:  Baton Rouge’s Apple Cobbler.  Effin’ TO DIE FOR.  A warm apple cobbler with cinnamon, caramel sauce, walnuts and french vanilla ice cream.  How can you resist?  The sprinkled walnuts takes me to another level of heaven.  Imagine eating that after a delectable plate of rib steak and mashed.  SOOO GOOD!

CURRENTLY DRINKING:  Gibeau’s Orange Julep juice.  The sugar keeps on piling up!  I need to freaking stop or I won’t wake up tomorrow morning.

download (1) Urban_Decay_Naked_Skin_Liquid_Foundation_30ml_1390913626hd-foundation_P00015CURRENTLY WANTING TO BUY:  a new foundation.  I still have yet to decide which one.  I am currently using Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation but I am feeling an urge to change brands.  Don’t get me wrong, UD’s Naked Skin is good — light on the skin, good coverage, not oily and it fits my skin tone well.  I just have this thing of not sticking with cosmetic brands.  I’ve already tried Makeup Forever’s HD Foundation and Lancôme`s Teint Idole and they were all pretty good but I still think that the best one is still out there somewhere.

mikehehebe-copie-1CURRENTLY CRUSHING:  Who else?  Mike Freaking He!  He is especially HOT in Bull Fighting!  I just finished watching Go!  Single Lady and that made me want to watch Bull Fighting.  He is a sight to behold!  I swear if he stares at me the way he stares at Hebe I will faint!

CURRENT SONG ON REPEAT:  Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor.  I don’t necessarily like this song but I have to sing it with my roomie for my friend’s birthday so I have on repeat so I could memorize the words.  I’m going to admit that it’s a struggle because deep inside me I don’t want to sing this song.

CURRENTLY UPSET ABOUT:  Nick Carter’s scores on Dancing with the Stars.  SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!  As much as I love Nick I knew that his Argentine Tango was meh but this Quickstep was sick!  I hate how they’re obsessing over Bindi — she looks so stocky when she dances!  I see no lines whatsoever.  They are nitpicking every single thing about Nick!  I mean, “out of sync for a quarter second” — REALLY??!?!?!

Roomie trantrums and shake diets

I’m here at my sister’s right now because I had enough of my room-mate’s tantrums.  He (yes, HE) has this thing where everything I do or say is wrong and he hasn’t been speaking to me since Saturday.  I for one had enough of his PMSing and I do not wish to ruin my day by seeing his surly face.  It makes me want to tell him that we should just go our separate ways when the lease ends.  He treats me like a girlfriend when it’s convenient for him and to be honest it’s getting tedious.  Then again when the time comes I know I won’t be able to do it.  Why did I get myself into this mess., I would never understand.

My co-worker’s into this diet regimen where she would substitute this shake for a meal.  She wants me to try it out because she knows that I am diabetic and she’s also aware of how much I suck when it comes to controlling my sugar intake.  A part of me wants to try it but a part of me also knows that I might not be able to follow it as religiously as she does and if that happens it would be a total waste of money (it costs around 400$).  Another part of me argues that I should learn how to discipline myself.  Arguing with myself is the hardest thing to do!

Have courage. Be kind.

downloadI checked Netflix and they have Kenneth Branagh‘s take on Cinderella.  I decided I should check it out because I saw that Cate Blanchett plays the evil stepmother.  The movie stayed true to its Disney roots, I must say.  It was wholesome, feel good, value-ridden and sugary over all.  I was a bit iffy about the fairy Godmother though.  I pictured her older and more motherly.  I was having flashes of Bellaxtrix Lestranges while watching.  I also did not like the blue gown she wore to the ball.  I liked the gown in the cartoon better.  I also wished they put her hair up.  The glittery things on her hair were a nice touch.

Disney-Cinderella-Shoes-964x644The star of the movie has got to be these mother of all holy glass slippers.  They are AWESOME!  I want one for Christmas!  I’d be prism-y sick!  Aside from the shoes, Cate Blanchett was my favorite.  Whatever role she plays, she takes it head on.

The Prince wasn’t uh,,,as charming as I want him to be.  He’s alright, but he’s lacking a certain je ne sais quoi.  Then again maybe I’m just biased (Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty all the way!!!)

I also wanted to take Lucifer home.  Such a plumpy cat.  And so bitchy!

Law and order

I had nothing to do so I decided to google odd shit and I decided to type “Is it legal” and here are the results:


  • to marry yourself in Canada.  REALLY?  WHO the fuck asks this?  Do you love yourself THAT MUCH?
  • to marry your cousin in Canada.  That is it.  Sickos live in Canada.
  • to stream in Canada.  Finally a search query that doesn’t give me the hibbie jibbies
  • to eat dog in Canada.  Why do I have the feeling that Filipinos are searching for this?

So after that i got curious and searched for this:


  • to sleep in you car.  A fair question!
  • to stream movies in Canada.  Canadians love movies but don’t want to pay for it apparently
  • to drive with flip flops.  IT BETTER BE!!!
  • to make moonshine in Canada.  Try and we’ll see!

Speaking of legal and illegal, I hate how this Laglag bala shenanigans in the Philippines are becoming rampant.  What a shame — are people THAT desperate for money that they try to swindle it from people who are mostly fellow Pinoys who work their asses off in a foreign land to feed their families?  This is a new level of low.  We get so defensive when other nations criticize our country but with people doing revolting acts like this do we really have the right to say anything?

Horror film wisdom.


  • When it seems that you’ve killed the monster, never check to see if it’s really dead.
  • If you find that your house is built upon or near a cemetery, was once a church used for black masses, had previous inhabitants who went mad or committed suicide or died in some horrible fashion or who performed necrophilia or satanic practices, move away immediately.
  • Do not search the basement, especially when the power has just gone out.
  • If your children speak to you in Latin or any other language which they do not know, or if they speak using a voice other than their own, shoot them at once. It will save you a lot of grief in the long run. Note: it’s unlikely they’ll die easy, so be prepared.
  • When you have the benefit of numbers, never go alone.
  • If you’re searching for something which caused a noise and find out that it’s just the cat, leave the room immediately if you value your life.
  • If you’re running from the monster, you will most likely trip or fall. If you are female you will.
  • Stay away from certain geographical locations, some of which are listed here: Amityville, Elm Street, Transylvania, Nilbog (God help you if you recognize this one), the Bermuda Triangle, or any small town in Maine, especially if it is called Derry.
  • If your car runs out of gas at night, do not go to the nearby deserted-looking house to phone for help.
  • When something bad is chasing you, bear in mind that when you try to start your car, no matter how reliable the vehicle is normally, you’ll have to crank the engine over many times before it will fire up.
  • People arriving to rescue you generally get ambushed by the monster, so don’t rely on them as your only means of escape. In fact, expect to be surprised and delayed by encountering their flayed corpse at some point.
  • Do not call the police as they are either evil and will turn you in or will not believe you and laugh at you. Either way, you must handle the problem yourself.
  • If you are using a gun to combat the all-comsuming evil, it is a good idea to quickly find a new means of defense, because no matter how much ammo you have, you’ll run out just before you kill the monster (unless your name is Ash, in which case, you’ll never have to reload).
  • If you have defeated the monster, pay close attention to the camera, if it pans away for no apparent reason at all, get the heck out of there.
  • Skeptics are always proved wrong in some horrible, nasty, painful way. Be a believer.
  • If you are a child, don’t panic! Monsters only attack overly horny teenagers. Children can NOT be killed in a movie, only possessed or absorbed. So cheer up!
  • If you’ve beaten the monster into a bloody pulp and you’re sure he must be dead, take the opportunity to dismember, burn, eat, blow up or otherwise utterly destroy him.

Man Candies

Someone asked me if I have a specific type or guy that I like.  I couldn’t answer and that bothered me.  I SHOULD know my taste!  That being said, I listed down some of my celebrity crushes :


ALDEN RICHARDS.  He’s the “man of the hour” right now in the Philippines.  He caught my attention when I saw the Filipino series “One True Love”.  Not only is he easy on the eyes (the dimples!!!), this boy CAN ACT.  I bawled like a baby when he played an illiterate on One True Love.  He continued to make me laugh and cry on “Mundo Mo’y Akin”  alongside Louise delos Reyes.  He gave me “kilig vibes” when he played the rebellious  Yago on Carmela.  He is now the other half of the worldwide twitter trending hit Aldub.


JOE CHENG.  One of my two favorite Taiwanese actors.  I saw him first as the cold genius Zhi Shu in “It Started with a Kiss” and “They Kiss Again” alongside Ariel Lin.  I love how he does not take take himself seriously —  he is not afraid to make fun of himself.  Aside from his looks and acting chops, this guy CAN KISS.  I don’t know how many times I’ve repeated the honeymoon scene on They Kiss Again!  Ariel Lin is soooo lucky!

You can catch him on Channel X, The Rose and You Light Up My Star to name a few.


MIKE HE.  Judging from the list so far, I am into boy-next-door types.  Mike is different.  He usually plays bad boys in his shows.  My favorites include Bull Fighting, Why Why Love, Sunny Happiness and probably my most favorite Taiwanese series, Devil Beside You.  Like Joe Cheng, this guy can kiss like there’s no tomorrow.  He’s starting to show signs of improvement acting wise but in the meantime I’ll feast on his beautiful eyes.


NICK CARTER.  This guys holds the spot for the guy I obsessed over the most.  One fifth of the best-selling boyband the Backstreet Boys, I remember fangirling over him and everything he does — starting when I was 16 all the way to…today (well, not as extreme, but I still love him!).  I’ve collected posters, photos, articles and memorabilia.  I’ve seen them live 4 freaking times.  I vote religiously on Dancing with the Stars.  He is my ultimate crush…and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.


IAN SOMERHALDER.  Before he was Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries, He was the dean’s son on Young Americans.  Do I really need to explain?  LOOK AT THOSE EYES.  Staring like that should be a crime.  He does not need to compel me to make me do anything. *drools*


JANG GEUN SEUK.  He can sing, he can dance and boy can he act.  Known as the Prince of Asia, he played the sour-faced Hwang Tae Kyung on You’re Beautiful.  There was no stopping him after that — in comes Mary Stayed Out All Night, Love Rain, Bel Ami and Beethoven Virus.  This South Korean cutie has a voice that can melt you and he is probably one of the best actors I have ever watched in South Korea.  He’s not just a face — he’s talented to boot.


JENSEN ACKLES.  Oh my Dean Winchester.  He is brother to Sam Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki, who’s a hottie on his own right) in CW’s Supernatural.  Before that, he played the saintly Eric Brady on Days of our Lives, where I first saw him.  He made me laugh (a LOT), cry, stomp my feet, scared — the list goes on and on.  Aside from all that, does he ever AGE?  I feel like he still looks exactly like the Dean Winchester of 2005.  He also sings <3.

JORDAN RODRIGUES.  The moves.  The voice,  the eyes.  The accent.  All that is why I had Dance Academy on repeat on Netflix, where he played the troubled but immensely talented Christian Reed.  You can now watch him on Meet the Fosters on ABC.  I hope to see more of this guy, he has great potential.  Not to mention he’s an eye candy!

SOOOO after that list it looks like I like clean looking Asians!  Not bad, not bad.


The one thing I miss the most about the Philippines — THE FOOD.  There are some things that are available here but there are those that I can only dream of eating

InipitINIPIT.  This shizz is the bomb.  My favorite has got to be the one from Eurobake, a pasalubong center in Bulacan.  It is basically a pastry made up of cake and a scrumptious custard filling in the middle.  I tried to stuff myself the last time I was on vacation but I miss it so much!


JOLLIBEE’S PEACH MANGO PIE.  The crispy crust and the gooey peach mango filling = heaven.  I wanted to sneak one in the plane when I left Manila!  There’s Jollibee in the US and Toronto so it is not as inaccessible as inipit but it’s still 6-9 hours away.  YUM!


MAX’ FRIED CHICKEN.  There is a Max’ restaurant in Toronto but I have yet to go.  Many people have tried to imitate the crispy awesome fried chicken but so far, none compares.

pastillas-de-leche-+-trivia-+-filipino-candiesPASTILLAS.  There are a lot of pastillas available in the Philippines but nothing compares to the one from Bulacan.  First inipit and now this!  Bulacan is pastry heaven!

What to sing?

downloadI have decided to join a local singing contest here.  I don’t exactly enjoy competition but I can’t simply ignore $10,000 cash prize.  I know I’d regret it if I don’t try.  I just don’t know what song to sing, so I’ll just wing it.  I’d be going with four other friends/singers.  I really don’t feel like doing it alone.

I decided that I’m going to watch the Philippines’ take on Marimar.  There is actually a new version right now, but I just don’t feel the chemistry between the two lead whereas in the first filipino version, Marian Rivera & Dingdong Dantes’ chemistry is palpable.  I originally wanted to watch the original mexican telenovela but I can’t find one with English subtitles anywhere.

Happy Halloween!  I would go trick or treating with my nieces and nephews but since I am diabetic, I don’t want to go near temptation.

Girly girl time.

s1631969-main-hero-300So I recently bought  the Stila Eyes are the window palette.  I already have the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and as much as love Naked 3, the Stila palette is amazeballs.  I love how it’s all matte and I love how the colors are so different from one another.  All colors are super pigmented and unlike Naked 3 I don’t have as much fall outs.  I recommend this palette!  ❤