My story so far.

In my 40 years of existence here on Earth, I have learned quite a few lessons in life. Some of them are good, but majority, unfortunately, shook my core and changed me forever. In no way, shape, or form am I saying that I am a victim, or naïve. I think it’s the fact thatContinue reading “My story so far.”

Mise a jour

Update…again. After all the job searching I did, I decided to stay where I am currently at. Why, you ask? A number of reasons. First off, my injury (extreme capsulitis on my right shoulder) I couldn’t really switch hospitals, I got into one, everything goes smoothly until the nurse interviews me for my medical history.Continue reading “Mise a jour”

The second effin’ wave.

Overwhelmed. Overworked. That’s how everyone is feeling at work right now. The second wave of the pandemic is now at its peak, and the front liners (like myself) are feeling the brunt and pressure of it all. I feel for the doctors, nurses and respiratory technicians who are all at the front and center ofContinue reading “The second effin’ wave.”