downloadMOVIE TO CHECK OUT:  It.  I watched this with my roommate and his siblings.  I enjoy watching scary movies, but none of them scares me, so I look for a cohesive plot with amazing twists.  It made me laugh, even jump out of my seat out of surprise (once but still, considering it doesn’t really happen) and even cheer for characters.  I’m not really surprised that I liked this movie, since it’s a novel by Stephen King, and after the stupid disaster that is Annabelle Creation, this movie was a breath of fresh air.


3605971553936_naked_heatMUST BUY MAKEUP:  Urban Decay’s Naked Heat Palette.  I have always been a fan of the Naked Palette series, but this particular one suits my skin tone out of all of the ones released.  I would have preferred more matte colors but I can forgive that — the pigmentation is beyond amazing.  I found that it has less fallout than the previous versions so that is another plus.


FUN SPOT:  Ganadara Bar at Ste-Catherine Street, Montreal.  It is not a secret that I love download (1)anything Korean.  The albacore tataki, skewer set (chicken skin and chicken heart people) and bulgogi nachos were amazing.  But their bingsus take the effin’cake.  The prices are reasonable too, especially since Korean restaurants are known to be on the expensive side.  Love the decor as well and of course their music (KPOP)


CHART TOPPER:  BTS’ Love Yourself:  Her.  The boys are back and they did not bts_1505228590_Screen_Shot_2017-09-12_at_11.01.01_AM.pngdisappoint!  This album is a departure from their signature sound, with songs that are more EDM than their previous releases.  BTS‘ advantage over other Kpop groups is that they write and produce their own songs, so the possibilities are endless.  They are also known to speak their mind, however controversial a topic is.  On this album, they even have a song telling ARMY (their fandom) to chill and not forget to live their lives by focusing on just being BTS fans.  Some say it is a diss track, but I find that it is more the, showing concern for their fans, who they genuinely love and appreciate.  They have been breaking records left and right with this comeback and I am not surprised.  Don’t forget to listen to Jimin’s Intro:  Serendipity — Jimin slayed that song.  His vocals are improving.

FAVORITE(S) in this album:  I LOVE them all, but if I have to pick, it’ll be the Vocal Line’s Dimple.



Have courage. Be kind.

downloadI checked Netflix and they have Kenneth Branagh‘s take on Cinderella.  I decided I should check it out because I saw that Cate Blanchett plays the evil stepmother.  The movie stayed true to its Disney roots, I must say.  It was wholesome, feel good, value-ridden and sugary over all.  I was a bit iffy about the fairy Godmother though.  I pictured her older and more motherly.  I was having flashes of Bellaxtrix Lestranges while watching.  I also did not like the blue gown she wore to the ball.  I liked the gown in the cartoon better.  I also wished they put her hair up.  The glittery things on her hair were a nice touch.

Disney-Cinderella-Shoes-964x644The star of the movie has got to be these mother of all holy glass slippers.  They are AWESOME!  I want one for Christmas!  I’d be prism-y sick!  Aside from the shoes, Cate Blanchett was my favorite.  Whatever role she plays, she takes it head on.

The Prince wasn’t uh,,,as charming as I want him to be.  He’s alright, but he’s lacking a certain je ne sais quoi.  Then again maybe I’m just biased (Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty all the way!!!)

I also wanted to take Lucifer home.  Such a plumpy cat.  And so bitchy!