Happy 36th to me!!!

Wow.  I am old.

I did not celebrate my birthday yet.  I’m going to celebrate it on Friday when I can sleep late the day after.  Nothing big, just dinner with my roomie.  His birthday is 3 days from mine so we always celebrate it as one.

This particular birthday is significant for me because this is the year I start to change my life and finally go after something I have wanted for years.  This is also the year where I felt freedom — real freedom.  This year revealed many things for me.

I thank God for another year.


August I love you!!!

August is coming.  It only means school is starting — and that means my new life begins.  It will be hard, probably even unbearable, but I will power through.  I want it THAT much.

I am beyond excited to go back to school but at the same time I can’t help but feel nervous.  This is a brand new experience for me.  The school system here might be completely different from what I was exposed to in the Philippines and the course I am planning to take is no cakewalk either.  I really have to up my game, let go of distractions and concentrate on studies and studies alone.  Everything else goes down the list.

Now on to other things…

I was surprised to see soooo many people, children and adults alike going gaga over Pokemon Go.  I did not understand the hype…until I downloaded the app myself.  I AM OBSESSED!  I literally walk 4 blocks home to stop by Pokestops and walk around to hatch my eggs.  There is something very addictive about catching them all.

Who’s your favorite Pokemon?


Dreams do come true.

I’ve never felt complete because I was never able to go to college and finish my studies.  A lot of factors (migrating to a new country, work, language, the list goes on) blocked me into actually going back to school but FINALLY this year I was able to actually do it.  It scared me to just let go of my stable and reliable source of income/job, but I figured you have to sacrifice some things in order to fulfill something.  I’m not getting any younger so I pushed myself to take the leap this year.

It will be difficult, I’ll probably cry when I’m broke or miss the things I was able to do when I had a full time job, but it’s worth it.  I just know it and I feel it in my gut.

Wish me luck!




Let me start off by saying Happy New Year!  2015 was an ok year for me.  It started out awesome but ended up kinda MEH!.  I’m hoping that 2016 will be better although I think that it is completely up to me.  If there is anything about me that I need to change, it has to be my fear of letting go — I tend to hold on to things and people even if in reality I don’t use it anymore or in case of people, I don’t enjoy hanging out with them anymore or I really cannot stand the way they are.  I unintentionally let go of people that in all honesty made me feel suppressed and enslaved.  That may not necessarily be their intention but I just feel used at times.  I didn’t like how things ended but in a way I am relieved that it did end.

I have to take care of school this year.  2016 is the year I take charge and change my life!

Law and order

I had nothing to do so I decided to google odd shit and I decided to type “Is it legal” and here are the results:


  • to marry yourself in Canada.  REALLY?  WHO the fuck asks this?  Do you love yourself THAT MUCH?
  • to marry your cousin in Canada.  That is it.  Sickos live in Canada.
  • to stream in Canada.  Finally a search query that doesn’t give me the hibbie jibbies
  • to eat dog in Canada.  Why do I have the feeling that Filipinos are searching for this?

So after that i got curious and searched for this:


  • to sleep in you car.  A fair question!
  • to stream movies in Canada.  Canadians love movies but don’t want to pay for it apparently
  • to drive with flip flops.  IT BETTER BE!!!
  • to make moonshine in Canada.  Try and we’ll see!

Speaking of legal and illegal, I hate how this Laglag bala shenanigans in the Philippines are becoming rampant.  What a shame — are people THAT desperate for money that they try to swindle it from people who are mostly fellow Pinoys who work their asses off in a foreign land to feed their families?  This is a new level of low.  We get so defensive when other nations criticize our country but with people doing revolting acts like this do we really have the right to say anything?