Updates, Updates

Yes, yes, despite my lack of posts, I am still alive.

Life has been surprisingly good during my absence. I was finally able to transfer to a new hospital, and so far it has been good. Of course there will always be co-workers who love to start drama, but I promised myself that I would try my best to stay away from those people and so far, I am doing great. I’ve also been happier, healthier, and since the pandemic has started to dwindle its devastating effects in life, I’ve started picking up the pieces. It will take time to fully heal, to fully feel alive again, but at least I am headed towards the right direction.

I am currently back in my birth country to attend my cousin’s wedding. I wasn’t looking forward to it, to be honest, but it has been positive so far. I’ve missed my old life, and seeing my best friend again was something I truly feel thankful for. I really thought I was done with this place, but now I know that a part of me will always belong here.

So yes, I am still alive. The only difference is that now, I am actually living.


Published by iamkristiannej

I want to live but I'm too afraid to take the leap.

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