The Waiting Game.

I am getting really, really impatient.

I have done all the necessary steps regarding my planned hospital switch but so far, none of them has been set in stone. The first hospital that contacted me interviewed me after I passed their competency test, and now they are supposed to call me after they speak to the references I provided for them. The second hospital passed the interview first, and my competency exam is scheduled this Wednesday. I just want something definite and every single day makes me crazy with anticipation.

I also informed my bosses and higher ups that I am in the process of looking for another hospital. They were very gracious about it, which really surprised me. They even asked me if they can do anything to keep me. Unfortunately, I really feel like my time has come and that a change is inevitable.

I’m just praying that I get answers soon.

Published by iamkristiannej

I want to live but I'm too afraid to take the leap.

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