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Roomie trantrums and shake diets

I’m here at my sister’s right now because I had enough of my room-mate’s tantrums.  He (yes, HE) has this thing where everything I do or say is wrong and he hasn’t been speaking to me since Saturday.  I for one had enough of his PMSing and I do not wish to ruin my day by seeing his surly face.  It makes me want to tell him that we should just go our separate ways when the lease ends.  He treats me like a girlfriend when it’s convenient for him and to be honest it’s getting tedious.  Then again when the time comes I know I won’t be able to do it.  Why did I get myself into this mess., I would never understand.

My co-worker’s into this diet regimen where she would substitute this shake for a meal.  She wants me to try it out because she knows that I am diabetic and she’s also aware of how much I suck when it comes to controlling my sugar intake.  A part of me wants to try it but a part of me also knows that I might not be able to follow it as religiously as she does and if that happens it would be a total waste of money (it costs around 400$).  Another part of me argues that I should learn how to discipline myself.  Arguing with myself is the hardest thing to do!



I want to live but I'm too afraid to take the leap.

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