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Law and order

I had nothing to do so I decided to google odd shit and I decided to type “Is it legal” and here are the results:


  • to marry yourself in Canada.  REALLY?  WHO the fuck asks this?  Do you love yourself THAT MUCH?
  • to marry your cousin in Canada.  That is it.  Sickos live in Canada.
  • to stream in Canada.  Finally a search query that doesn’t give me the hibbie jibbies
  • to eat dog in Canada.  Why do I have the feeling that Filipinos are searching for this?

So after that i got curious and searched for this:


  • to sleep in you car.  A fair question!
  • to stream movies in Canada.  Canadians love movies but don’t want to pay for it apparently
  • to drive with flip flops.  IT BETTER BE!!!
  • to make moonshine in Canada.  Try and we’ll see!

Speaking of legal and illegal, I hate how this Laglag bala shenanigans in the Philippines are becoming rampant.  What a shame — are people THAT desperate for money that they try to swindle it from people who are mostly fellow Pinoys who work their asses off in a foreign land to feed their families?  This is a new level of low.  We get so defensive when other nations criticize our country but with people doing revolting acts like this do we really have the right to say anything?



I want to live but I'm too afraid to take the leap.

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