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The one thing I miss the most about the Philippines — THE FOOD.  There are some things that are available here but there are those that I can only dream of eating

InipitINIPIT.  This shizz is the bomb.  My favorite has got to be the one from Eurobake, a pasalubong center in Bulacan.  It is basically a pastry made up of cake and a scrumptious custard filling in the middle.  I tried to stuff myself the last time I was on vacation but I miss it so much!


JOLLIBEE’S PEACH MANGO PIE.  The crispy crust and the gooey peach mango filling = heaven.  I wanted to sneak one in the plane when I left Manila!  There’s Jollibee in the US and Toronto so it is not as inaccessible as inipit but it’s still 6-9 hours away.  YUM!


MAX’ FRIED CHICKEN.  There is a Max’ restaurant in Toronto but I have yet to go.  Many people have tried to imitate the crispy awesome fried chicken but so far, none compares.

pastillas-de-leche-+-trivia-+-filipino-candiesPASTILLAS.  There are a lot of pastillas available in the Philippines but nothing compares to the one from Bulacan.  First inipit and now this!  Bulacan is pastry heaven!



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